Jen Aldana

Jen Aldana is a Boston based artist and songwriter. She graduated from Berklee with a degree in Songwriting and is also the Season 5 Winner of The Voice on Snapchat.

She’s been singing and performing since the age of 7 and has been blessed with unique opportunities to perform & sing on an array of platforms such as Fenway Park, Suffolk Downs stadium, The Apollo Theater, and many more. Her roots in music came from exposure to all different types of genres growing up such as Motown, R&B, Punk/Emo/Hardcore Metal, and of course Latin music, as she was raised in a Spanish-speaking Colombian household. She tributes her emotional lyrics to her side-bang emo days when all she lived for was My Chemical Romance (true story) and all the emo/hardcore bands that awoke the teen angst in her back in the day.

Today she writes both inspirational religious music as well as songs about her life and heartbreaks. She’s also a local worship leader, inspirational speaker, and teaching artist and uses every opportunity to inspire others and get them in touch with their emotions. You can find Jen Aldana’s songs anywhere you listen to music and follow her on all social media platforms at @jenaldanamusic.