“Adorably twisted” – the simplest way that 24-year-old Boston-based pop artist, Yavin, likes to describe himself. With the face of a 14-year-old and the voice of a 34-year-old, he fully leaned into that juxtaposition and turned what used to be his biggest insecurity into the furthermost point of his brand. Meaning “understanding” in Hebrew, ‘Yavin’ seeks to create content that is just as relatable as it is enigmatic.

Painfully self-aware with a clear-cut sense of humor, Yavin always writes with his heart plastered on his forehead. And with influences that range from the indie folk-pop scene of the mid 2000’s, to the electro-pop sounds of today, you can always expect to walk away from Yavin’s music with either a smile on your face or a reminder to call your therapist. So stream it today because either way it’s probably good for you.