Zoë Knight & Mythical Beasts

Original Deep & Funky Rock & Soul: Boston-based Mythical Beasts is a varying collective of monster players curated & led by powerhouse vocalist, songwriter, and music educator, Zoë Knight.

A classically trained soprano raised on classic rock, Zoë led original heavy rock and metal bands for ten years in NYC & Boston before earning her degree in Music Education at Berklee College of Music, Summa Cum Laude, in 2013. While at Berklee she found jazz and a love for improvisation, sang in a professional gospel choir, and in 2011 began her current career as a vocal pedagogue. After Berklee she found funk, soul, reggae and blues music, and began writing songs that blended these styles with her lifetime of training & experience, and her passion for getting down. She established Zoë Knight & Mythical Beasts in August of 2017, and began performing these new uplifting grooves with a varying band of monster players whose masterful jams provide a pedestal for her spectacular voice & inspired lyrics.

A hundred club & festival gigs later, in August of 2019, the band recorded a dozen of Zoë’s songs live-in-studio in four sessions over five days. True to form, each session had a different lineup, and there were no rehearsals. Vocal harmonies, and Nancy Loedy, were added later. The result is an 86-minute double-LP, named for its title track – an anthem of gratitude in troubled times: The Good.